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Why Sweet Delivery is Unique?

A Candy Experience Unlike Anything Else

We all have days where we could use a boost, a kind word, or a little bit of extra fuel to get through our day! Receiving a gift or token of appreciation can make a huge difference in someone’s day! Sending a Sweet Delivery is the perfect way to show that appreciation; so simple and personalized with your very own message! We’re a candy gift-giving company that specializes in custom orders and personal messages. Here’s why we’re a totally unique experience.

The Recipients Choose the Candy

N It can be difficult to know the perfect gift to choose when trying to show recognition, appreciation or gratitude. Being unsure of their personal taste, allergies, or preferences can make gift giving seem overwhelming. You want to get things perfect and send them something they will love!

Sweet Delivery makes the gift-giving experience so simple! You choose the budget and gift size; add a personal message and then the lucky recipient chooses exactly what they want to receive! We’ve taken the guessing out of gift giving so you’ll always send the perfect gift!! 

We Make Our Gift Arrangements Personalized

Our candy gifts are perfect for all occasions! You add a message to each gift to ensure it’s personal and customized. Recognizing events in our personal and professional lives, showing appreciation, acknowledging milestones or just simply let someone know you care, it truly is the thought that counts; the candy is just a bonus.

Your recipient will receive the instant notification with your message included, and we also print the message to be delivered with the candy. We want to ensure your words are what’s remembered and treasured.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your sweetest days.

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