Difference between Dark Chocolate and Light Chocolate

Dark Chocolate and Light Chocolate

When it comes to dark and light chocolate, there are two different camps. Some people love light chocolate and scrutinize anyone who prefers dark chocolate. Whereas there are some people who love the bitterness of dark chocolate using Sweet Delivery you can make sure your recipient choose the candies or chocolates they want in their candy gift box. No matter what camp you fall into, it’s important to know the differences between the two. Here are a few differences between light and dark chocolate.

Cacao Content

One of the biggest differences between light and dark chocolate is its cacao content. The reason that dark chocolate tastes slightly bitter to some people is because of how much cacao is in it. Dark chocolate is considered dark if it has 60% or more cacao in it.

Light chocolate, on the other hand, contains less than 60%. It’s primarily made of milk, sugar, and cream. This makes it sweeter to some people and has a duller taste. This makes it more palatable for certain tongues.

Dark Chocolate Has Antioxidants

You’ve likely heard that dark chocolate is healthier than light chocolate. The reason behind why it’s healthier is because of its higher cacao content. Cacao contains polyphenols. These are antioxidants.

For some, this means that dark chocolate is healthier than light chocolate. With some staying away from products that contain milk, this makes even more sense.

The Taste

One of the striking differences between dark chocolate and light chocolate is their taste. When people eat dark chocolate, they typically refer to the flavor as stark or bitter. It still tastes great, but it doesn’t have the same sweetness that light chocolate does.

Light chocolate, on the other hand, is typically described as being sweet and dull. It melts on the tongue just a bit easier.

The reason behind this is due to the cacao content and the other ingredients inside of the chocolate. Light chocolate contains less cacao. Instead, it contains ingredients like milk, cream, and sugar. In particular, it has a much higher sugar count than dark chocolate.

Let Your Recipient Decide

Choosing light or dark chocolate for someone can be difficult. Use Sweet Delivery to give that special someone a personalized candy box and let them decide!

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