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Personalize Your Gift With eCards

Electronic cards, or eCards, are personalized messages that you can send to those you care about. They’re essentially just like normal cards except that your recipient receives it through their email. At Sweet Delivery, we specialize in crafting custom candy boxes, the best candy gift baskets, and custom eCards. Here are some features and benefits of using our personal eCards. We also print the ecard and send it with their treats, as we truly believe your message is the most important ingredient in our gifts.

We Send More Than Just Customized eCards

Although we can send custom eCards to those you care about most, we also do more than just that. We can send candy and gift baskets to those you love. Some of our other services include:

  • Special candy delivery
  • Candy gift baskets
  • Candy boxes
  • Appreciation gifts for coworkers and bosses
  • Birthday gifts

All of these can be made all the more special with the inclusion of personalized eCards.

Our custom eCards or electronic cards are used to send personalized messages to those you love. At Sweet Delivery, we specialize in creating custom eCards that your recipient will receive online via email. You can also send these along with beautiful candy boxes and the best candy gift baskets.

Apart from personalized eCards, you can also send your friends and family candy and gift baskets for any occasion!

Each of our treat delivery options can be made even more special with one of our custom eCards.

Let Our eCards Deliver Your Special Message

If you have a hard time expressing how you feel, you can always trust us to deliver that message for you. Our personalized eCards will allow you to send an online message to your recipient. No matter what you wish to say, you can be sure that it will be even more appreciated with the best gift basket of their favorite candies.

Our eCards Can Give You the Chance to Say Something Special

Do you have a difficult time talking about your feelings vocally? If so, then you can always choose to put those emotions to paper. Our custom eCards are a great way to write a personal message to your recipient. Perhaps you finally wish to express your devotion to someone. Adding in customized eCards to a gift basket of their favorite candy might get the point across.

Perhaps you just wish to express how much someone means to you. In that case, writing personal eCards can allow you to express how much you care about them and what their friendship has meant to you. Our eCards give you a rare opportunity to finally say what you always have meant to say to your recipient.

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